Nanaimo’s Choice for Szechuan, Stir fry, Chop Suey, Chow Mein & More

Shanghai City Restaurant proudly offers over 110 delicious Chinese dishes for our guests in Nanaimo. Our menu has delicious appetizers, soups, Szechuan style dishes, stir fry, chop suey and much more. We also offer takeout and delivery service, so give us a call today to place your order!

Delicious Dim Sum | Come by on the weekend for our famous dim sum lunch service | Dim Sum Menu

Delicious Dim Sum

Make your event sweet, sour & spicy with our delicious catering options



Spring Roll $1.95 (each)

Egg Roll $3.25 (each)

Deep Fried Wonton (Cantonese style) $8.95

🍂  Wonton in Spicy Garlic & Chili (12 pcs.) $10.50

Dried Garlic Pork $8.50

Dried Garlic Ribs $9.50

🍂  Hot & Spiced Deep Fried Squids $10.50


Wonton Soup $9.95

Wor Wonton Soup $14.50

Minced Chicken with Cream Corn Soup $10.50

🍂  Seafood Hot & Sour Soup (S) $9.95 (L) $13.95

Seafood with Tofu Soup $13.95

Dim Sum

Chinese Donuts (4 pcs.) $5.95

Deep Fried Sweet Rice Balls (4 pcs.) $5.95

Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling (4 pcs.) $5.95

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns (3 pcs.) $5.95

Creamy Egg Buns (Sweet) (3 pcs.) $5.95

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling (6 pcs.) $6.95

Siu Mai (Steamed Pork Dumplings) $6.95

Beef Siu Mai (4 pcs.) $6.95

Har Gou (Shrimp Dumpling) (4 pcs.) $6.50

Beef Tripe in Special Sauce $6.95

Phoenix Talons (Chicken Feet) $6.95

Steamed Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf (2 pcs.) $7.50

Steamed Ribs in Black Bean Sauce (Bone In) (L) $14.95

Vegetarian Dumplings $8.50

Shanghai City Specialty

BBQ Duck (Bone-In) (Half) $17.95

Satay Beef and Mushroom $15.95

Crispy Pork Chop $15.95

Shanghai Pork Chop (in Peking Sweet & Sour Sauce) $15.95

🍂  Black Pepper Pork Chop $15.95

Chicken with Ginger Onion Hot Pot $15.95

Chicken, Beef or Pork in Black Bean Sauce $14.95

Mixed Meat Tofu Hot Pot $14.95

🍂  Hot & Spicy Deep Fried Tofu $13.95

Seafood with Tofu Hot Pot $17.95

🍂  Tai Pan (Sizzling Plate) Beef or Chicken $15.95

🍂  Tai Pan (Sizzling Plate) Seafood $17.95


Deep Fried Prawns $14.95

🍂  Hot & Spiced Deep Fried Squid (S) $10.50 (L) $15.95

🍂  Kong Bo Prawns $15.95

🍂  Curried Prawns $16.95

Prawns in Black Bean Sauce $16.95

🍂  Peppery Prawns (Shell On) $17.94

🍂  Butter Garlic Prawns (Shell On) $17.95

🍂  Mussels in Black Pepper Sauce (Shell On) $17.95

Hot & Spicy Szechuan Style

🍂  Kong Bo Dice Chicken $14.95

🍂  Peppery Chicken $13.95

🍂  Mar Pou Tofu (with Beef) $13.95

🍂  Curried Chicken or Beef $14.95

🍂  Ginger Fried (Szechuan) (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $14.95


Deep Fried Chicken Wings $14.95

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings $15.95

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls $14.95

Breaded Almond Chicken $14.95

Lemon Chicken $15.50

Crispy Sesame Chicken (in Peking Sweet & Sour Sauce) $14.95

Orange Chicken $14.95

Pork & Ribs

Sweet and Sour Pork $12.95

Sweet and Sour Ribs (Bone In) $13.95

Dried Garlic Pork (S) $8.50 (L) $11.95

Dried Garlic Ribs (Bone In) (S) $9.50 (L) $13.95

Honey Garlic Pork $14.95

Honey Garlic Ribs (Bone In) $14.95

Sliced BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce $14.95

Stir Fried Vegetables

*All chop suey items contain mushroom, baby corn and water chestnut

Vegetable Chop Suey $10.95

Mushroom Chop Suey $11.95

Beef, Chicken, BBQ Pork or Tofu Chop Suey $12.95

Broccoli with Beef, Chicken, or BBQ Pork $13.95

Prawn Chop Suey $15.95

House Special Shop Suey $15.95

Shanghai Bok Choy (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $14.95

Green Bean with Garlic Black Bean Sauce (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $14.95

Gai Lan (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $16.95

Gai Lan with Fish Fillet $17.95

Lettuce wrapped with (Beef or Chicken or Pork) $15.95

Sichuan Cabbage in Cream Sauce $13.95

Egg Foo Young

Vegetable Foo Young $11.95

Chicken Foo Young $12.95

BBQ Pork Foo Young $12.95

Mushroom Foo Young $12.95

Shrimp Foo Young $14.95

House Special Foo Young $14.95

Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice $8.95

BBQ Pork, Chicken or Ham Fried Rice $9.95

Mushroom Fried Rice $9.95

Shrimp Fried Rice $13.95

Special Fried Rice $13.95

Beef Fried Rice $14.95

Beef and Tomato Fried Rice $14.95

Seafood Fried Rice $14.95

Curried Chicken or Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice $13.95

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice $15.95

Side Order Steamed Rice (S) $3.00

Chow Mein (Noodles)

Vegetable Chow Mein $8.95

Chicken Chow Mein $9.95

BBQ Pork Chow Mein $9.95

Mushroom Chow Mein $9.95

Beef Chow Mein $13.95

Shrimp Chow Mein $14.95

Beef and Tomato Chow Mein $14.95

Beef Chow Fun (Flat Rice Noodle) $14.95

Wet Style Beef Chow Fun $14.95

🍂  Singapore Style Curry Fried Vermicelli $14.95

Malaysia Style Fried Vermicelli $14.95

Hong Kong Style Soya Sauce Chow Mein $14.95

🍂  Thai Style Fried Vermicelli $14.95

Shanghai Style Fried Thick Noodle (Beef, Chicken or Pork) $14.95

🍂  Beef in Black Pepper Sauce Chow Mein $15.95

Special Chow Mein $15.95

Side Order Sauces

Lemon/Sweet & Sour/Hot Sauce $2.75

Black Bean/Curried Sauce/Honey Garlic/Szechuan Sauce $3.25

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